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Agent Spotlight!!!

Robert (Rob) Sonnenberg from Pittsburgh, our newest agent and Alleghany County, PA connection! He is a Pittsburgh native and loves his home town. Roberts mother was a real estate agent and since he was a little child, he loved spending time with his mom looking at homes. Robert and his wife have bought and sold several homes across the country, while in the military and have kept track of the key traits of great real estate agents he met along the way. He strives to meet all of these traits in helping families, couples, and individuals buy and sell homes in the Pittsburgh area.

Robert is also a licensed attorney, skilled in the art of negotiation, which is crucial in today's ever-changing and challenging real estate market. Nobody understands the ins and outs of real estate transactions in the Pittsburgh area better than him.

Robert is a retired Lt. Colonel with 26 years' military experience. In the military, you have to be organized, be a good planner, be proactive, and be involved with people. This is what separates him from all other agents. Robert is eager to put his knowledge, skill, and negotiating experience to work for you. With an unrelenting drive to be the best, He is the right real estate expert for you in the Pittsburgh area.

In his free time, Robert enjoys walking, home improvement, parks, cooking, dining out, and spending time with his family: wife, Susanna, and daughter, Arielle, with six cats. Our two adopted sons, Deon and Demetrice are grown. Deon lives in Greenville, NC while Demetrice currently is serving in the Army with the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

To connect with Robert directly please see his information below.

Robert (Rob) Sonnenberg, Realtor Coldwell Banker Real Estate Services - Shadyside 412-310-8860 (Primary) Office 412-363-4000 & Fax 412-363-7551 5996 Centre Ave, Suite 301, Pittsburgh PA, 15206 *Lt. Col, JAG, USAF, Retired and PA Licensed Attorney

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