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Leave it to us!

Transfer season.... When those orders finally come in and you know where you're going, you get to work immediately on your move. What's the area like? What's the schedule like? Am I going to be over the weight limit for my household goods? What am I going to do with my house? Where am I going to live?

Well we don't have all the answers but we can help with the last two! When selling your home you may consider doing a for sale by owner to cut the cost of a real estate professional. It sounds simple to just post your home online and let the buyers come you, right? Well sure it sounds simple but the reality is that real estate agents do more than that. Marketing is a huge factor in real estate. The MLS is just one marketing tool that real estate agents use to market your home. When you searched for your home you probably used sites or apps like Zillow,, or Trulia. The MLS is what feeds those sites. You could pay to advertise your home yourself but now you are looking at paying these upfront cost without a guaranteed return. With FSBO listings steadily declining over the past decade do you want to risk that money? A real estate professional will do these things for you without any upfront cost. In some cases agents will invest thousands of dollars in their advertising campaigns to sell your home. If it doesn't sell they don't get that money back. Speaking of cost, if you make a mistake in real estate it can cost you greatly. Agents are trained and licensed to avoid these mistakes, but in the event it does happen they are insured with Errors and Omission insurance. Your likely to attract a lot of people with a FSBO listing. Most of these people will be real estate agents attempting to get you to list with them. The reason agents target FSBO listings is because these agents know that you are most likely to see the value of an agent during the struggle of you attempting to sell the home yourself. You are also likely to attract "Low Ballers" or investors who thrive on inexperience and will attempt to acquire your home for less than market value. Most agents are also less likely to bring their buyers to a FSBO listing.

You may not want to take our advice right away and that's fine. The MRR Connection will stick by you know matter what. We strongly suggest you trust one of our military agents to market and sell your home. In the event you want to attempt it yourself, please feel free to contact the MRR Connection for advice or question you have.

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